Greetings to you all in the name of our lord and savior Jesus Christ, Gospel Media Edayaranmula started as a organization since 2005 before Five years we were started as a prayer and we given to God’s hands God make us mold us like right we are to propagate Christ Jesus through advanced Medias.

Gospel Media is mainly concentrated at the coming generation to help them to make them accept Jesus Christ as their lord and Savior. It is an inter-denominational venture to promote the propagation of the gospel with voluntary talented members. It’s not at all a profit oriented business concern rather than we work to help all those who preach the gospel. We are doing youth camps, prayer meeting on every Sunday, counseling, helping poor churches in gospel works, Re-publication of old books which are not available , CD releasing, providing choir for wedding and funeral. With respect to all these programs, the donations and hiring charges will be used only for the gospel works because of the dedicated youths who are separating their time and talents for gospel work. This is a blessing and also a rare group in now a a days.

Now, we have three evangelists, one in Kerala and other three are in Orissa. Evangelist Mr.Biju T George is working in Kerala and coordinating Gospel Media’s all programs. He and his wife is going to ten schools with the love of Christ. Many children are very eagerly attending the school mission programs. Evangelist Mr.Manas Ranjan Dijal is in charge and acting warden of our Hostel and Evangelist. Mr. Mohan, he is working in tribal areas.

In Orissa, we have one boys hostel named “Sadhu Kochukunju Upadesi Memorial Bala Ashram” with eleven children all of them were tribal children from different districts of Orissa.

Pray for all these activities of Gospel Media earnestly and regularly. Thanks for all your help. Always remember your sufferings and offerings are not a vain. Famous cricketer C.T. Studd said that “There is only one life, soon it be passed. But what we did for Christ will last…..”So will you please check yourselves!!What is your position? Is it Good or Satisfactory? Read the Bible regularly, which is the operating manual of Christian. Let us thirst for the pure spiritual milk as new born babies so that we may grow.

Thanks for all the prayers and all the help from your part and please continue it. Your profit will be heavy in the kingdom of Jesus. May Lord bless you with all the spiritually blessings. Thank you …..

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